What is a Swiss Chronograph, What Would I Use it For, And Where do I Buy One?

A Swiss chronograph is not necessarily made in Switzerland; it also includes time pieces made from Swiss components.   Switzerland is a big name in watches and Swiss chronographs for good reason, and the quality derived from the Swiss products will last you an entire lifetime should you choose to purchase one of these time pieces.  Take a look at one of my favorite companies in Swiss time pieces and the wide range of products offered to the public, Breitling is one of the very best names in these products and in Swiss chronographs, and makes watches for the military, as well as for private use for civilians.  These products are used for diving, aerospace, and any other use you would need to have this kind of precision.

The Products Offered by Breitling

Breitling offers four lines of Swiss chronograph (the Navitimer, the Windrider, the Professional, and the AeroMarine), and none of them can be purchased save through an authorized dealer.  This means you should not try to buy one on the Internet. This is because there are so many frauds out there, and unfortunately this not only brings the cost on the true product up but makes it a little tougher to even find them in the first place.  Breitling will not honor the warrantee on any product they did not make regardless of whether it bears their logo or not so know that you must buy from an associate they trust.  With forty one unique models offered, it is likely that they have something that will suite your needs.

The Navitimer Line

The Navitimer line has been around for almost sixty years, and there are eleven models offered in this line.  They range from the space aged to the classic art piece, and feature some of the most advanced attributes available in the business today.   The models are as follows The Navitimer, the Navitimer World, the Cosmonaute, the Cosmonaute Limited Edition, the Montbrillant, the Montbrilliant Olympus, The Montbrillant Legende, the Montbrillant Datora, the Chrono-Matic 49, the Chrono-Matic 1461, and the Chrono-Matic QP.  All of them are featured on the Breitling website and they range in face size from 37mm to 49mm, giving a very nice range for folks to consider.

The Windrider Line

The Windrider line is a beautiful line of Swiss chronograph, very elegant, and this line has many watches which might interest the female set, some are smaller, and even jewelry like in their styling.  These models include the Chronomat B01, the Chronomat, the Cockpit, the Lady Cockpit, the Chrono Cockpit, the Starliner, and the Blackbird.  The line has a wonderfully diverse set of faces, and wrist bands, and will look great on anyone who wants one of these fine time pieces.

The Professional Line

This line is really geared more towards men, they are on the bigger side and will be a little unwieldy for ladies.  This is a great line, and they have classic styling that any pilot or survivelist will really enjoy.    Models include the Emergency, the Aerospace, the Airwolf, the AIrwolf Raven, the Skyracer, the Skyracer Raven, and the Co-Pilot.  Seven models, seven really nice Swiss chronographs, and they couldn’t be better if Breitling tried.

The AeroMarine Line

There are so many great watches in this line, the Super Avenger, the Avenger, the Avenger Seawolf Chrono, the Avenger Seawolf, the Chrono Super Ocean, the Super Ocean Steelfish, the Super Ocean Heritage Chrono, the Super Ocean Heritage 46, the Super Ocean Heritage 38, the Chrono Colt, the Colt GMT, the Colt GMT +, the Colt Automatic, the Colt Quartz, and the Colt Oceane.  Wow, that is a mouthful, with sixteen different models offered in this line and every one of them a winner.  You could not find a better gift for your husband or father, and this Swiss chronograph will last him his lifetime.  They also hold their value well and should need no maintenance, they are one of the few things that when you buy it you should never have to worry about it again, some of these watches made by Breitling were made to go into space for Pete’s sake, so I can’t really see why you would even want to look at a different manufacturer.

— A guest post by Bill S.

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