Titanium Watches: Lighter Than Steel and Tough as Nails

Titanium watches are hardy like you wouldn’t believe, and they will literally take a licking and keep on ticking.  But they do have some drawback worth mentioning, and they are usually very specific to the watch you are looking at.  Generally speaking, they are elegant, indestructible, lightweight, and long lasting.  They require next to no maintenance and this is one of the features that most endear them to their owners.  Titanium watches can be expensive though, and if you want a great deal you are going to have to do a fair amount of hunting to get it.  You may have better luck online, where your every whim can be satisfied within seconds as far as shopping and questions go.  Poke around the different brands offered and see what appeals to you.

Titanium Watches for Women

As we stare down the barrel of another Valentine’s Day, it occurs to me that many men will be looking for a nice gift for their wives.  A beautiful watch is a great way to signify the time you have spent together and the future to come.  Consider  titanium watches for women who do a lot of working with their hands, as they are so nice and light, as well as very durable, but be aware that a watch with ion coating will scratch and look trashy over time if she is using it a whole heck of a lot.  Best to make sure she is not contending with those issues when buying her a watch.  Look for a lady’s Seiko, they make a wonderful watch, in many different materials, and they are sure to offer something that will please the woman in your life.  Make sure that it is very feminine, no matter what the watch will be used for, and try to remember no matter what she will want something delicate looking and pretty, functional is not the way to go for a woman’s watch.  It must look like a piece of jewelry, regardless of what she will use it for and that is why titanium is a good way to go for women, you can get a lovely delicate looking watch that can go through the earth’s core if it has to.  Women are funny creatures, being one I can state that for sure, and personally, even though I am a trained blacksmith and horseshoer, I don’t want anything mannish as a gift so spend some time looking for something special for a woman.

Titanium Watches for Men

This can be a tricky pick, if you want a fancy dress watch as a man, go ahead, black titanium watches will work fine for you so long as you are not using it for everyday use.  The coating that is on a black titanium watch is going to scratch all up and look really trashy in the end, so if it is a watch your man is going to wear every day follow the no coatings rule, and pass on the black.  Titanium watches are great for diving as well as just plain working, and some of these bad boys are really amazing in their capabilities, diving deeper that anything you ever thought possible so if your man is big into diving consider this for father’s day or Christmas time.  Men’s watch styles vary greatly with a man’s preference, and unlike ladies watches there are really no rules to what a man should like to wear.  As a rule, men’s watches are larger and a little heftier looking in general than a woman’s watch would be, and titanium watches don’t break with this tradition.  They have to be able to hold up to the kinds of things most men like doing, and as I stated earlier, unless it is going to sit on a velvet pillow most of the time pass on the ion coating.  A watch for a man is a great gift, and if he receives an heirloom quality watch he is likely to pass it on in his estate to his children when he is gone, so try to remember that if you are looking for that special something to let him know you care about him forever.

Guest Post: Natasha D

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