The Wide Range of Swiss Military Style Watches

Among Switzerland’s most famous brands is the wide range of military style watches that are produced. These draw on both Switzerland’s heritage of watch making and fine craftsmanship as well as on its tradition of independence and neutrality. Switzerland’s military has long been revered across Europe and the rest of the world and it has long been the country’s guarantee against invasion by its bigger neighbors. As such Switzerland has always ensured that its citizen soldiers have been well trained in marksmanship and tactics and equipped with the finest equipment. And Switzerland’s gift to the world has been the innovation and attention to detail that goes into items such as Swiss Army knives and Swiss Army Watches.
The best-known military style watches are clearly those associated with the Swiss Army knife, which made by two Swiss companies, Victorinox and Wenger. The two companies merged a few years back, yet still operate under different names in many parts of the market. That said, both offer unsurpassed quality and reliability. Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army watches offer a really good blend of features and price. One of my favorites is the Wenger Commando Watch. This is a really rugged and tough watch. It also has a brilliantly lit up display that makes it easy to see at night. Two other favorites of mine are the Wenger Ranger Watch and Battalion Diver Watch, which is also made by the same company. The Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry vintage watch is also a really beautiful and classic timepiece with a real old-style look.
Both Wenger and Victorinox offer a really wide range of watches so that you can usually find something to fit almost any pocket with prices starting at under $100 and going up from there.
There are however quite a few other companies that you can look at when looking to buy a Swiss Military Watch. Most people overlook firms such as Hanowa, which makes a really high quality range of watches sold under the Swiss Military brand as well as the more exclusive Swiss Eagle watch brand.
Even tougher (and more expensive) is the range of watches produced under the CX Swiss Military brand. These are some of the world’s toughest watches and have stood up to all kinds of tests including being dropped out of airplanes, blown up with high explosives and shot at with a shotgun. They survived most of these tests whereas other watches just got smashed to pieces.
If you are looking for a cheap military-style watch then you could consider Invicta. These are Swiss-made watches but they have a bit of a mixed reputation when it comes to reliability. I don’t endorse them wholeheartedly but some people swear by them. That said, you can’t say they aren’t cheap. Some Invicta military watches can be bought for under $50. And although this blog is really all about Swiss Watches, there are also some other really popular manufacturers of military watches. Citizen has an eco-drive military watch that also has a really clear face with an easily-to-read dial. It also never needs its batteries changed,

Features of a Military-Style-Watch
Apart from the obvious point that most people buy Swiss military watches because they look good, some of the better ones also have some features that provide real tactical assistance. In this I’m thinking of a watch with a dial that is easy to read and a face that is not confusing. You also want something that is self illuminating, so you can see it even in the dark, and you almost certainly want a watch that will not beep and give away your position. There are a number of cheap military watches on the market that I haven’t mentioned here but be sure to do your research first as if you end up paying a very low rate you may end up with something that is also not very good quality either.


Wenger® Men’s 72328 Battalion II Diver Swiss Watch



Wenger Battalion Diver Watch NA Wenger Mens Black Battalion Iii Diver Watch



Wenger Men’s 72325 Battalion II Diver Swiss Watch


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