The Swiss Army Pocket Watch: A modern take on an old classic

Pocket watches have gone out of favor in the last 100 years or so. When I see one I think of Sherlock Holmes or some character out of a Charles Dickens novel. Yet they are making a comeback in modern form thanks to the Swiss company Wenger, which has introduced a range of really version of the classic Swiss Army Pocket Watch that has all the features you would expect on a modern watch with some of the charm of an old classic. There is also a great version made by Victorinox.

The most popular Wenger pocket watch is a travel alarm with an analogue face and a nifty clip. It has a dual time setting, which makes it really great for travellers and, obviously, it has an alarm. Now this is not your classic sliver watch on a chain but is a stylish and modern looking piece.

It is also pretty rugged as it has a rubber cover to protect it from drops and scratches and it comes with luminous hands so you can see it at night without a back light.

It is useful not just for travel but for any activity such as rock climbing or any job such as working with machinery where a normal wristwatch might get in the way.

The one complaint people make is that the alarm is not as loud as you might hope. Think of the volume of a normal wristwatch alarm and you get the picture, rather than one of those typical little fold-able bedside alarms.

Online you should be able to find one for about $170 or so and if you buy one in a store you would probably look to pay about twice as much.

There is only one complaint about the Wenger version and that is that the alarm is not very loud. So be warned.

swiss army pocket watch by Victorinox

A beautiful example of a Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket watch photo credit:Victorinox

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