The Quality and Reliability of Swiss Military Hanowa Watches

Swiss Military Hanowa Revenge Watch with ChronographFor more 40 years, Hanowa of Switzerland has been perfecting their Swiss Military Hanowa watches. The Swiss have been known for their expertise in the making beautiful chronographs. And Swiss Hanowa is carrying on this time-honored tradition of  artisanship. This line of Swiss military watches has brought the best of Swiss knowledge and skill to the present day to offer some of the most stylish and functional watches on the market.

Their prestigious designs attract the eye. They are just as noticeable as stylish, handsome jewelry as they are a timepiece founded on the sharpest precision. The functional and aesthetically pleasing features combine to create this miraculous little machine that is worn on the wrist to enhance the prestige of anyone who wears it.

Not only do these high quality Swiss army watches feature some of the most modern technological developments in watch design; they are also very handsome and prestigious in appearance. These watches are a part of the largest collection of its kind and set the trends that other watches try to imitate in an effort to portray a comparison to these ever-evolving masterpiece watches. In 2010, alone, Hanowa is unveiling 10 new model families of these revolutionary watches. The number of loyal Hanowa customers is growing by the day. These watches are stylish and at the front lines of technology, they are sold at very affordable prices. The more discerning people of many countries around the world favor them.

Not only do the stylish and handsome designs attract fashion-conscious people from all around the world to these Swiss army watches, the robust physical features attract people that wear a watch for more practical reasons. Swimmers and divers love these watches for their indifference to being submerged in water to depths of as much as 20 AT and the screwed crowns that provide even better water protection. People with children and grandchildren are attracted by the stainless steel cases and bracelets fitted with security clasps that last forever and can be passed on from generation to generation. Those that are interested in practicality and convenience appreciate the large date, quartz movement, and second time zone features. The luminous, Superluminova hands, hour markers, and numerals also attract them. All models feature a transparent case back, and some are fitted with genuine leather straps with steel buckle for those that prefer them. The interesting features are numerous and new ones are continually being developed.

Swiss Military Hanowa watches employ Swiss-perfected quartz movements. The high quality, refined leather straps are carefully crafted and specially treated for water impermeability. The high quality watches have a two-year guarantee and the customer service personnel provide perfect and friendly customer service. The connection of these watches with the Swiss philosophy of quality artisanship and the importance of serving their fellow citizen is apparent and designed into each watch. When looking for one you can usually find that there are a number of Hanowa watch reviews on reputable web sites so it is worth looking around and doing some research on the particular model that you want.


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  1. trevor jones says:

    I have had a Hanowa Swiss Military watch for six or seven years now, I have had it maintained by the approved repair agent in England over the time since I bought the watch in Switzerland whilst on vacation, It has proved to be a reliable and robust time piece that I wore almost daily.

    It stopped working recently and the agent that I used to repair the watch previously ceased to repair Hanowa watches, so on request from Hanowa’s After Sales Manager, Barbara Sperling I sent the watch to their facility in Switzerland for a Free of Charge repair because of the problems I had with agent in England.

    To my absolute delight and astonishment they replaced the entire movement FOC, the only part of my original watch was the strap, I was absolutely amazed.

    Now that’s what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE, the best that I have received in my entire life.

  2. papajon says:

    Dear Trevor
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. That really is a very cool story and a real testament to the company and its products.