Rolex Vs Omega: A Brief History of Two Great Watch Brands

As with Ford and Chevy, Canon and Nikon, BMW and Mercedes, or Coke and Pepsi, in the world of luxury watches, the debate between Rolex vs Omega is a heated one. These two titan companies (both Swiss in origin) have been battling each other to win the hearts, minds (and pocketbooks) of high-end consumers for […] Read more »

The Most Popular Swiss Watch Brands

The history of some of the more popular Swiss Watch brands dates as far back as 1735. Swiss watch makers today draw on a tradition and craft that has been built up over centuries. So although many Swiss watch manufacturers use the most modern techniques and technology, their craft is one that runs deep in […] Read more »

The Rolex Daytona: A Guest Post by Sharmi

The name “Rolex” immediately creates an image of a company that produces quality and luxurious watches. It is no coincidence. This is one of the world’s most reputed brands of Swiss Watch. This watch manufacturer makes approximately 200 watches each day. It also generates revenues of almost 3 billion dollars a year. Rolex stores are […] Read more »