Owning a Wenger Watch

Wenger is the legendary manufacturer of Swiss Army knives. It all started at the Paul Boechat and Cie cutlery plant in Delemont, Switzerland, and Theodore Wenger was the man behind the knife. With the huge success of the Swiss Army knife, Wenger watches were introduced.

Today, the company is owned by Victorinox of Ibach, Switzerland and has been branded Wenger & Co. S.A. They are most-notably known as Wenger Swiss watches, due to their long and storied history manufacturing and selling Swiss Army knives. Wenger is hugely-known to produce some of the most beautiful, durable and precise watches in the world—thanks to their prestigious Swiss-Made legacy.

Models of Wenger Watches

When you own a Wenger Watch, you are literally wearing over a 100 years of watch-making and knife-making on your wrist. Take for example Wenger’s GST line: they’re truly, stunningly beautiful in their precise construction, as well as hand-crafted in the highest-quality stainless steels. They are also the same type use by Swiss Elite Forces and come as simple watches, watch-chronographs or watch-chronometers.

The TerraGraph line is another one of Wenger’s creations. Many of them sport brown or black leather straps, white or silver dials/bezel, and come standard with the Swiss Made insignia as well as the benchmark Swiss Quartz Movement technology (of which almost all authentic Swiss watches have).

The Battalion Diver series is a very attractive line of Wenger watches. The different Battalion watches have dark blue dials and metal bezels, stainless steel bands; others have black faces and bezels, with ornate white or gold dials and either stainless steel bands or leather straps.

Finally, the Aerograph collection has—in the opinion of many—some of the most beautiful watches ever designed and manufactured. Take, for example, the AeroGraph Chrono; it has a very distinctive bright yellow dial and black, stainless steel encasing and leather strap. Or the AeroGraph Cockpit Chrono: this features an elegant brown dial, with a brown leather strap and a 12-hour chronograph function. The Wenger chronograph mechanism is durable and reliable.

The range also includes some really beautiful watches for women and it is hard to beat a Wenger ladies watch if you are looking for an especially special gift for an extra special woman.

Benchmarks of Wenger Swiss quality

Those are just a few examples of quality Wenger watches. When you own a Wenger watch, you can be sure of the following, though:

• It has the benchmark Swiss quartz movement

• It uses, most-likely, the industry-standard “screw-on” casing

• It is made from the highest-quality mineral crystal

• It is back by Wenger’s industry-leading 3-year limited warranty

• Most are submersible up to an individually-specified depth

• And most benefit from the Wenger external unidirectional bezel

Extraordinary quality

Wenger’s watches are easily comparable to the likes of Rolex, Tag Heuer or even Cartier. How? They meet or exceed all of all the former’s levels of sophistication, technology, elegance and durability. Plus, they are made in Switzerland—the very country which invented the prestigious Quartz Movement and Swiss Movement. This is what makes Wenger watches certified as Swiss-Made, label that is highly-protected by international trade organizations and the Swiss government itself.

If you go online to find a Wenger Swiss, you’ll find tons of fine examples. Beware though, as there are plenty of counterfeiters out there; one of the easiest ways to spot a counterfeiter is to notice the price. Does it seem far too-low for such a sophisticated timepiece? Does the product description not specifically say either “Made in Switzerland” or “Swiss Made”? In the end, though, you will know a real Wenger Swiss when you see it, and if you are still not sure about it—call the company and make sure.

Wenger® Men’s 72750 TerraGraph Dual Time Power Reserve Alarm Swiss Watch


Wenger Power Reserve Watch N\A Wenger Mens Black Terragraph Dual Time Power Reserve Alarm Watch


Wenger® Men’s 7270 TerraGraph Watch


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  1. SGP says:

    I own several Wenger watches. The quality is superb. I like the fact that the products are stylish. The GST line has a beautiful selection of chronos. I own several and would highly recommend them for quality, battery life, accuracy and style. The marketing team knows its niche!