Owning a Wenger Swiss Military Watch: A guest review

Swiss military watches come in a wide range of prices and features, not to mention brands.  I think that when it comes to quallity, you can’t beat Swiss, even though there are quite a few other military style watches made by other countries such as Germany. The Swiss have made fantastic products for a very long time, and even though you can buy a great many cheaper watches out there, the Swiss military watch still reigns supreme. Take a quick look at where to buy them, and how much you should pay, as well as some really special reasons for owning one in the first place as well as where to find more Wenger watch reviews.

Why a Swiss Military Watch?

a wenger swiss military watchWenger Swiss watches run like, well, clock work.  You can’t beat the price, and they last forever.  They never lose their ability to keep time, and are immune to an insane amount of damage, taking punishment over the years you would not believe possible, for example, I had mine slammed between  a truck and a twelve hundred pound horse, with me in it no less.  Trashed the cell phone in my pocket, put a dent in the truck, knocked the wind out of me, but didn’t even crack the face on the watch.  That is why you want a Swiss military watch; they last longer than almost anything.  And mine isn’t an unusual story, you will find tons of similar stories posted all over theInternet.

Where to Find the Best Deal on the Best Watch?

You can find Wenger Swiss military watches all over the Internet, as well as many fine department stores, and I have even seen them offered at Costco for a really great price, so finding a good buy isn’t really that hard.  I think the best place to find them though is online, and whereas it is true you don’t get to “feel” the product, most companies guarantee that you will like the product and so will take it back should you not like it once you get it home.  EBay is a great place to start; they will have both new and used watches for you to peruse.  Amazon.com is another great site to shop, and I was surprised at how many products they were offering, and also how good the prices were.

What Company is the Best?

There are quite a few good companies out there, but I like Wenger the best, makers of the original Swiss Army Knife.  That is the particular watch that got slammed into my truck the day a client’s ornery horse decided to take us down, and it is still working today.  They are easy to read, affordable, and hold up to an impressive amount of moisture and wear.  I have never heard of one wearing out, come to think of it, and buying one means you never have to get a new watch.  Ever. That said there are some other brilliant Swiss army watches out there, Hanowa also makes a range of great Swiss Military Watches that are widely praised for toughness and reliability.

Among the toughest watches in the world are the CX Swiss Military Watches from Montres Charmex. Their 20000 feet watch is waterproof down to 7,500 meters and holds the current world diving record. They also equip a number of special forces as well as paramilitary forces including the SWAT Team in Cologne, Germany as well as the Close Protection Team (CPU) working with the United Nations in Kosovo.  How tough are these watches? One was thrown out of an aircraft flying at a hight of 1,500 meters (about 4,500 feet) by a German Special Forces parachutist. The watch survived!

Occasions to Consider a Swiss Military Watch

My husband received one from his parents when he graduated from high school, one from my parent’s when he graduated from university, and one from way back when he was in cub scouts.  They all still work perfectly!  The gift is best given to a young man I think, at his wedding, that would be a good time to give a young man a watch like this (and a little funny too, if you think about it) and these also make a really thoughtful retirement gift for someone you care about.  Young boys think these are the very coolest gifts, they will stare at them, completely enamored for a long time, the gift makes them feel important and big, two things boys love to emulate.  We gave each of my nephews a Swiss Military Watch when they started scouts, and they just loved theirs, it is one of their few true treasures.

This Wenger watch review was a guest post by Natasha D. A great place to read more reviews is on Amazon.com, where many of these watches are available. You can &Read more here

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  1. sid says:

    I recently bought some wenger watches as gifts – 2 need attention straight off.

    Can I get any service – not on your life!

    Company wants nothing to do with them even though a couple of months old. Receipts etc naw not interested – Swiss head office won’t reply to correspondence. Forget these clowns cause the quality’s poor and aftersales non existent.

    Good luck with something else, and enjoy Christmas by avoiding Wenger