The Luminox Navy Seal Watch

The original Luminox Navy Seal 3000

If you read the advertising hype you would think that among the world’s foremost military watches is the line produced by Luminox. None is more famous than the Luminox Navy Seal watch, a timepiece that is worn by the members of one of the world’s most elite fighting forces. Luminox came to fame 20 years […] Read more »

Diving watches as Fashion Statements

You probably already knew that diving watches—while certainly acceptable for diving—are marketed just as much for non-divers as they are hardcore divers and military units. The latter explains why. A diving watch as a fashion statement can take all the qualities of a toned, tanned elite diver and incorporate all them into the watch. Who […] Read more »

The Wide Range of Swiss Military Style Watches

Among Switzerland’s most famous brands is the wide range of military style watches that are produced. These draw on both Switzerland’s heritage of watch making and fine craftsmanship as well as on its tradition of independence and neutrality. Switzerland’s military has long been revered across Europe and the rest of the world and it has […] Read more »

Swiss Diving Watches: Timepieces you can Trust Your Life With

If you are in the market for one or more quality Swiss diving watches, you had better take the time to really get to know your options out there.  Diving watches are a must, it is not like you can dive without one, and if your watch dies in the deep blue, that can really […] Read more »