Tissot Watches: A Brief Introduction

sea touch diving watch by Tissot

Since their first watch was made in 1853, Tissot watches have been synonymous with quality and style. Featuring high quality Swiss movements housed in beautifully designed cases, it is no wonder that Tissot has been around for over 150 years. While the company has long made its home in the mountain town of La Locle […] Read more »

The Luminox Navy Seal Watch

The original Luminox Navy Seal 3000

If you read the advertising hype you would think that among the world’s foremost military watches is the line produced by Luminox. None is more famous than the Luminox Navy Seal watch, a timepiece that is worn by the members of one of the world’s most elite fighting forces. Luminox came to fame 20 years […] Read more »

The Victorinox Swiss Army Watch: A New Classic

Victorinox has three basic lines of Swiss Army watches: Professional, Classic and Active. Each line has its own look and features multiple models and styles. Furthermore, each style comes in a range of colors and details and many styles have stories that go with them. Watches in the Professional collection are each inspired by a […] Read more »

Popular Swiss Divers Watches

Most people swim but there are certain types of people who cannot be satisfied with merely skimming the surface of the water. Diving is an activity that requires a physicality that is different from swimming. Diving also requires more than the usual equipment that is used for swimming. The right kind of equipment is crucial […] Read more »