Diving watches as Fashion Statements

You probably already knew that diving watches—while certainly acceptable for diving—are marketed just as much for non-divers as they are hardcore divers and military units. The latter explains why. A diving watch as a fashion statement can take all the qualities of a toned, tanned elite diver and incorporate all them into the watch. Who […] Read more »

The Joy of Vintage Wristwatches

Vintage wristwatches have for centuries been one of the most prized collectors’ items. Not only that, but vintage watches are also hugely popular as hand-me-downs, family heirlooms and as gifts for a variety of celebrations. They do not even have to be ‘vintage’ in the strictest meaning of the word; many companies specifically design and […] Read more »

Owning a Wenger Watch

Wenger is the legendary manufacturer of Swiss Army knives. It all started at the Paul Boechat and Cie cutlery plant in Delemont, Switzerland, and Theodore Wenger was the man behind the knife. With the huge success of the Swiss Army knife, Wenger watches were introduced. Today, the company is owned by Victorinox of Ibach, Switzerland […] Read more »

Buying an Antique Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have an aura of romanticism and charm that wristwatches could never really claim—at least not until about the turn of the century. Antique pocket watches simply ooze with charm and sophistication. As early as 1462, an Italian pocket watch maker was made by Bartholomew Manfredi for a friend of the Duke of Modena. […] Read more »