Titanium Watches: Lighter Than Steel and Tough as Nails

Titanium watches are hardy like you wouldn’t believe, and they will literally take a licking and keep on ticking.  But they do have some drawback worth mentioning, and they are usually very specific to the watch you are looking at.  Generally speaking, they are elegant, indestructible, lightweight, and long lasting.  They require next to no […] Read more »

Breitling Navigator Products, Things to Know About Products for Professionals

First and Foremost, Breitling does not service products purchased online, as they estimate the vast majority of these are counterfeit.  The unfortunate circumstances of this make getting a low price on Breitling time pieces almost impossible, as you will have to buy from an authorized dealer.  The upside of that is unlike many products that […] Read more »

Swiss Diving Watches: Timepieces you can Trust Your Life With

If you are in the market for one or more quality Swiss diving watches, you had better take the time to really get to know your options out there.  Diving watches are a must, it is not like you can dive without one, and if your watch dies in the deep blue, that can really […] Read more »

What is a Swiss Chronograph, What Would I Use it For, And Where do I Buy One?

A Swiss chronograph is not necessarily made in Switzerland; it also includes time pieces made from Swiss components.   Switzerland is a big name in watches and Swiss chronographs for good reason, and the quality derived from the Swiss products will last you an entire lifetime should you choose to purchase one of these time pieces.  […] Read more »