The Mechanical Watch vs. the Quarts Timepiece: What You Need to Know Before You Purchase

Ever since the advent of the quartz watches, people have been asking themselves which is better.  To answer that question depends on what you prize in a watch, more accurate time keeping ability, or a more solid, heirloom like piece.  Whichever you prefer, take a moment to learn a little about both types of watch […] Read more »

Owning a Wenger Swiss Military Watch: A guest review

Swiss military watches come in a wide range of prices and features, not to mention brands.  I think that when it comes to quallity, you can’t beat Swiss, even though there are quite a few other military style watches made by other countries such as Germany. The Swiss have made fantastic products for a very […] Read more »

Safe in the Hands of a Classic Swiss Dive Watch

For many of us, a watch has become an unnecessary luxury. To get us to work on time we can easily turn to our televisions, cellular phones, iPods. In fact it is hard to find a digital device these days that doesn’t tell the time. But for a scuba diver who enters an unforgiving environment […] Read more »