Richemont Expands With the Purchase of VVSA

For a while now there has been a wealth of change taking place within the world of Swiss Watch manufacturing as companies have been forced to move more of their high-end production in house and to rely less on the Swatch Group, which for years has produced many of the standard mechanical actions for a large number of the industry’s watches.

Richemont, which is one of the dominant luxury-goods companies in the world (but not yet in watches) has taken a step by buying VARIN-ETAMPAGE AND VARINOR (or VVSA), a small specialist manufacturer.

Richemont said:

Based in Delémont since 1962, VVSA is a high-end manufacturer of stamped exterior components for watches, gold refiner and producer of semi-finished precious metal products destined for the watch and jewellery industry.

A historical partner of Richemont’s Maisons and Manufactures, VVSA and its 250 employees will reinforce the Group’s industrial capabilities via their established technical know-how and state-of-the-art equipment.

An example of a double-stamped watch-case made by the company

A quick look at VVSA’s website shows some of its areas of specialist expertise. It says:

Varin-Etampage specialises in the cold working of materials for the production of high-end components.
Products are most often made from stainless steel, titanium, precious metals (gold, palladium silver, platinum) and tantalum.

Varin-Etampage is a pioneer in the field of material deformation offering time-saving solutions with less finishing required due to well-designed shapes, the cleanest possible surface finishes and small tolerances.

Many of the finest watchmakers trust Varin-Etampage for their most technical products.

Varin-Etampage is also a well-known and trusted provider of the medical, dental and up-market mobile phone industries.



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